Hey there! I’m Jennifer Bumgardner, the San Antonio millennial behind JourneyByJen.


Continuously in pursuit of adventure, I was raised abroad in Germany by a pair of nomadic military parents. A third culture kid for over ten years, I developed a passion for exploration, fueled by the desire to completely immerse myself in the undiscovered.

Thirty-seven countries later, I settled in Texas to attain my Bachelor’s in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and began my career within the hospitality industry. Somewhere in the midst, I developed the idea for JourneyByJen – a space entirely committed to sharing my experiences with you.

Jennifer Bumgardner 2

A lifestyle blog, JourneyByJen aims to provide insight on the life of a go-getter who loves a good read, hunts down late night taco trucks, favors mountains over beaches, and seeks out the unique in every endeavor. I hope my tidbits of advice, personal reviews, and curated recommendations find you during your next adventure, whether it be a trip, a move, or a quiet night in. Enjoy!