Brew’s Lee Tea Station

Fall of 2015, I spent six months traversing Southeast Asia, tasting all the treats, and developing a daily itch for boba tea, with its bubbles, jellies, and number of flavors. When I returned home, I sought a spot that could satisfy my craving, finding gratification nearly two years later, at a local, authentic, Broadway shop – Brew’s Lee Tea Station.

Owned by a lovely Filipino/Taiwanese couple, the shop offers a multitude of tea, all brewed in filtered water, and steeped with all-natural, wholesome ingredients *big plus*. Did I mention their syrup is housemade, gluten and fructose free? An instant regular, I found a liking to Brew’s Lee’s {iced} coffee milk tea – a unique alternative to my morning latte – topped with a cream cheese cap, and loaded with tapioca. The bev. gives just the right boost, and is creamiest when mixed with the milky topping.


Another favorite, is Brew’s Lee’s signature glowing tea kalamansi (meaning ‘Philippine lime’) – a lighter option – which I sweeten with lychee jellies. The gorgeous color caught my eye, but the health benefits stole my heart – this yummy brew carries a variety of antioxidants, aiming to improve vision, brainpower, and yes, hair growth too!


Recently, the owners introduced a small menu of light Taiwanese snacks (think minced pork noodles handmade by ‘grandma Lee,’ and braised pork rice bowls), and Japanese taiyaki desserts. Offered in red-bean or ube coconut, I’d tried taiyaki abroad, and was eager to get my hands on the soft traditional cake. The perfect pair to any tea, this sweet snack hit every expectation, and delivered an authenticity unknown to SA – taiyaki in South Texas!


Restraining myself from daily visits, Brew’s Lee Tea Station brings a uniqueness to San Antonio, popular in it’s provisions and perfectly seated in the Boardwalk on Broadway complex. If you find yourself craving bobas like I do, or need something refreshing to sip on while touring downtown SA, stop by Brew’s Lee Tea Station and say hello to Frances and Billy. Next on my list to try, is the rose milk tea and cream cheese tearamisu – YUM!

Brew’s Lee Tea Station | 4009 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX, 78209

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